Exploring the Dolomites

Exploring the Dolomites: Landscape, History and Ecology – Field seminar (Summer 2018)

I look forward to leading a group of UO students in the exploration of the astonishing natural history and geological wonders of the Dolomites, and the discovery of the traces of human history in these sublime mountains. This is going to be a transformative voyage of discovery where the individual “self” learns to relate to the pervasive and embracing dimensions of time and space written in the landscape.

This unique travel/study- field seminar features a wide-ranging exploration of the Dolomites, recently designated as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO  for the distinctive variety of their morphology, geology and landscape. These spectacular and monumental mountains retain traces of extraordinary interest for disciplines such as Geology, Paleogeography, Geomorphology and Paleontology. As the theater of some of the most extreme battles of WWI, they preserve a vivid and painful memory of the Great War that changed forever world history and altered the borders of many countries including Italy and Austria.


During the 2-week journey, we will experience the best of the Dolomites, practice conscious excursions, and an experiential environmental and historical education.
Hiking from hut to hut and  through tunnels created during WWI, we will become aware of the magnificent natural landscape, becoming appreciative of the contrast the  gentle curves of flowery meadows with the extraordinarily varied sculptural shapes of bare, pale-colored towering peaks. And we will meet the traces of history and appreciate the different cultures and the various cuisines of the Dolomites. Students can choose to focus on one of the following 2 areas of study: 1) Landscape, History and Literature; 2) Geology, ecology and photography.


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